Monday, 29 October 2012

Hawkesbury Historical Society

There's nothing like being roped-in to unexpected duties at the last minute. Because I happened to be in Sydney at the time, I attended the AGM of the Hawkesbury Historical Society on Thursday 25 October, and there found myself nominated to act as the Returning Officer. It was a good way to put a few faces to the names on my emails from members of this very active group. Although I live in Melbourne, I joined the HHS some months ago, and I encourage others with an interest in the rich history of the Hawkesbury to join too. Details are on the HHS website, currently being upgraded.

At the meeting we farewelled the long-term secretary Judy Newland, whose service to the HHS was extolled by everyone present. President Alan Aldrich read out the Hawkesbury City Council's letter of thanks to Judy (on left of picture). Treasurer Kath Wilkins listened intently.
Rebecca Turnbull (left) then presented flowers to Judy (right).
Rebecca also reported on the refurbishment of one of the Hawkesbury's most significant buildings - Howe House in Thompson Square, Windsor. Once the Hawkesbury Museum and Tourist Information Centre, it's about to be re-opened to the public in its new guise after being closed for some years. Some visitors may see a bit more than they bargained for - ghosts are said to inhabit the house.

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