Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oh, the places you'll go (with genealogy)

Belonging to any group can impose certain obligations – explicit, or implicit - and I’m a sucker for that awful ‘sense of duty’ assailing the eldest child in many families. (Yes, I’m an eldest child, with three younger sisters.)

That phenomenon must explain why I recently found myself offering to help out the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) with a writing task. They were stuck for someone to write short articles about genealogy for 'Fifty Plus News'.

My two contributions draw heavily upon one of my favourite Dr Seuss children’s books for inspiration. The first instalment was published as ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’ on page 7 of the July 2013 Fifty Plus News magazine. The second instalment, ‘Just go right along. You’ll start happening too’, is on page 7 of the August 2013 Fifty Plus News.

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